The Nations Capitol Bass Federation has been formed and designed to be involved, and to keep all of it’s individual and chapter members involved in constructive and productive avenues. This Federation will consist of affiliated chapters of The Bass Federation, Inc. (TBF, Inc).

It is the intent, belief and purpose of the founders of the federation to promote and advocate in any way possible ways to benefit the communities of its membership domiciles (particularly the District of Columbia). To develop and grow not only the numbers, but more importantly the involvement of the District of Columbia members and their respective governmental representatives and branches through the avenues of the projects including but certainly not limited to Community Service, Youth, Conservation, and Environmental issues.

We intend to enhance our Nation’s Capitols waters, environment and natural resources.

We further believe that the education and involvement of our youth and seniors, assisting and nurturing them in their pursuits of the not only the sporting aspect of fishing, but more importantly in their dedication and involvement to their communities and peers is paramount.

It is also the intent of this federation to build and maintain a membership base that is reflective of the TBF, Inc. creed and in line with their mission, purpose, goals and objectives.

The mission, goals, objectives and purpose of the Nations Capitol Bass Federation, Inc., (NCBF) hereafter referred to as the federation, will be to:

  1. Ensure that the federation maintains it’s primary business dealings and articles of incorporation within the District of Columbia .
  2. Ensure that the federation conducts a minimum of 50% of its scheduled/planned events in the District of Columbia .
  3. Promote, advocate and support approved conservation policies, practices and measures, preservation of aquatic resources and improvements of ecological and environmental conditions on federal, district, regional, and local levels.
  4. Promote the practice of high standards of sportsmanship and conservation measures among the membership.
  5. Provide the District of Columbia and other applicable Departments of Natural Resources moral, political, material support and encouragement.
  6. Promote improvement of bass angling skills and conservation and environmental awareness to the membership
  7. Ensure through fellowship, the friendly exchange of techniques and ideas and the conduct of Federation-sponsored bass fishing events and conservation projects.
  8. Encourage youth fishing, promote and conduct youth fishing activities by the Federation’s bass chapters and within budgetary allocations, provide funding and material assistance in the implementation of approved youth activities.
  9. To conduct bass fishing tournaments to determine the members who will make-up the Federation’s Team and represent the Federation during The Bass Federations sponsored tournaments.
  10. To ensure within funding and budgeting limitations, provide funding for both the adult and youth Federation Team’s participation in TBF sponsored regional and national tournaments as may be required.

If you do not wish to pay electronically please complete the PDF application and mail it along with a check or money order to the address on the application

2018 NCBF Tournament Application Form

2019 NCBF Membership Application Form

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*This cost also includes your 2019 FLW membership as well*


2019 NCBF Membership $150